New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co.

Welcome to The Coffee Club! Enjoy two pounds of our finest

fresh-roasted gourmet coffee delivered to your door each month.

We've searched the entire globe and carefully selected the only finest Arabica beans. Our beans are selected based on multiple parameters, but cost is not one of them! Our bean selection process is based on taste, first and foremost.

Our roastmaster skillfully roasts these beans to absolute perfection in small batches. This small batch roasting allows the trained eye to watch the magic of the bean as it expands, caramelizes, and roasts to the perfect constant color. Our roaster cools these perfectly roasted beans with cool air in less than one minute. We package these beans right after the roast and ship directly to your home (either beans or we will grind for you) within hours of the roasting process. Our goal is to have you enjoying a great cup of coffee within days of roasting.

Coffee Club packages are shipped during the first week of every month. Blends and varietals are rotated each month so that none are duplicated within any six-month period. The Coffee Club does not include any flavored or decaffinated coffees.

Coffee Club Selections
January - Fair Trade Café Nica & Country Blend February - Fair Trade Soprano Roast & Morning Blend
March - Fair Trade Bed & Breakfast Blend & Gautemalan Anitigua April - Fair Trade Sumatra Mandheling & Papua New Guinea
May - Fair Trade Shipyard Blend & Country Blend June - Fair Trade French Roasted Sumatra & Colombian Supremo
July - Fair Trade Ethiopian & Mocha Java August - Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas & Shipyard Blend
September - Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas & Seacoast Blend October - French Roast & Gautemalan Anitigua
November - Kenya AA & Costa Rican Tarrazu December - La Minita Tarrazu & Fair Trade Bed & Breakfast Blend
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Coffee Club - 6 months $178.95 Buy Now
Coffee Club - 12 months $334.95 Buy Now