New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co.

A Wonderful Story

New Hampshire Coffee Roasters started as Piscataqua Coffee Roasters when it was founded by the late Michael Kirk (1958-1997) in 1989. He was a wonderfully “obsessive-compulsive” gourmet and this was his dream. Nothing upset Michael more than a stale or poorly prepared cup of coffee especially at the conclusion of a fine meal. Michael took it upon himself to create coffees that meant it was possible for every coffee drinker to enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be.

After months of research he realized that great coffee starts with perfect coffee roasting. In 1989, he started roasting coffee beans with a used, well-loved, manually operated coffee roaster in his unheated barn in Eliot, Maine.

Michael, always the Perfectionist, insisted upon providing the best possible product. He chose his beans carefully. Using 100% Arabica beans grown at altitudes of 5,000 feet and above and roasted only in small batches assuring freshness to the customers. Michael never allowed inferior beans or short cuts in his process of creating the best tasting coffee beans around.

As the business grew and as Michael needed to attend to his health, he partnered with his brother Bill. Together they moved the thriving business into a modern 9,300 square-foot facility in Dover, NH. This big step assured substantial growth while maintaining the hands-on approach that was the cornerstone of their success to date.

Today, New Hampshire Coffee Roasters enjoys a nearly fanatical following by providing dozens of varieties and flavors of their special coffees. They serve coffee drinking customers through restaurants, coffee houses, fine food stores and on the web throughout New Hampshire, New England and places around the world.

Michael was able to see the new facility and all that his dreams had become. Today we honor him by always striving to roast the finest coffee beans; creating the best cup of coffee possible.
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